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Hello! My name is Nounoucorne and over the next few months I will tour the world! I want to share my discoveries with you! So if you too love adventure and want to find out what’s going on elsewhere in the world, buckle up and go with me! Are you ready? Let’s go!

In the past two days, I have been able to explore London, the first stop on my world tour! Come on, I’m showing you around.

London is the capital of England in Great Britain. It is a city of over 8 million people and the official residence of British royalty since 1837, when Queen Victoria chose to make it her home. Today, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria’s great-great-granddaughter, lives there. Did you know that since Canada is part of the Commonwealth, a group of countries that have already belonged to England (except 2) and that we recognize monarchy, it is also our queen? You only have to look at Canadian money to see its portrait everywhere. Do you want to see his castle? Look, it’s me in front of Buckingham Palace. If you look closely at the top, you will see a flag. When it floats in the wind like that, it means that the queen is at home. I didn’t see her, but if I had seen her, I would have had to speak to her in French, a language she speaks very well, calling her Madame. Did you know that at one time French was considered the label language and therefore the one that diplomats and the monarchy across Europe had to speak? That’s the reason the queen learned our language, because everyone here speaks English.

Buckingham Palace is protected at all times by soldiers of the Royal Guard. Look, here’s one. He stays like that, motionless, for long minutes, before taking a few steps and then resuming his place. It must be exhausting! I tried to do like him, but I wanted to move to.

London is also the city of Big Ben! Big Ben is the nickname for the huge bell at the top of Elizabeth Tower, the clock tower attached to the British parliament. It is one of the best known symbols of the city. This famous clock started operating in 1859. In recent years, it has been undergoing major renovations. Look at the photo, you can hardly see it through all the scaffolds! And the work had already started when I first went there two years ago (second photo), even if we could see it much better! The big bell can start ringing again in 2021 after 4 years of work! I hope I can come back at this time!


Another well-known symbol of London is the Tower Bridge. It is so called because it provides access to the Tower of London, a very old medieval fortress whose construction began in 1066 and which has served, over the years, as a prison, a royal residence, an armory, cash, etc. Today it houses, among other things, the jewels of the British Crown. This bridge is built over the Thames, the river that crosses London. When very large boats have to pass underneath, the bridge deck opens in half to let them pass. As for us, we can cross it on foot or by car. It was built in 1894 by Sir John Wolfe-Barry and Horace Jones and at the time was recognized as the most sophisticated bridge ever built. It is still very impressive, don’t you think?



During my visit, I absolutely had to go visit my friend Paddington! Do you know him? It is a very, very famous bear here in England, but also around the world. Perhaps you have already read one of his books or watched the film? Paddington is a bear who arrived by train in London and had a name so difficult to pronounce that the family who welcomed him decided to call it Paddington as the train station where he arrived. He’s also a big fan of marmalade sandwiches. If one day you have the chance to visit London, you can go to the Paddington district and follow in its footsteps by taking the Pawprint Trail which will allow you to discover several of the favorite places of the bear across the city. I made it a part. You want to see ?

Me and Paddington at the entrance to the tube

The train station where he arrived in London

His store! Can you find me

A little bike ride to explore the Paddington district perhaps?

Come on, I leave you and I hit the road to get to my second destination: Edinburgh in Scotland! See you next week so I can tell you about my adventures? In the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram (@nounoucorne). I like posting photos of what I see along the way!

See you soon,

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