What is Apprendre Autrement !

Please note that when we use the term “education specialists”, we mean anyone whose job is to work with children or for children: teachers, educators, pedagogues, speech therapists, child psychologists, parents who does school at home, etc.
  • Our main objective is to highlight positive initiatives in the world of education and pedagogy all over the planet. To find and share promising, different, interesting, inspiring ideas that education specialists and parents can take back, in their own way, IF they are suitable for the children from 0 to 12 years old with whom they work.
  • We want to allow people to think, ask questions and be open to new ideas. We want to help restore hope in education. To show that it is possible to think of the world differently and to obtain extraordinary results as long as we accept to break the mold.
  • We want to help restore the image of all these extraordinary education specialists who often have their hands and feet tied. When there is freedom, when specialists have the right to analyze, observe, think differently, do things differently, without judgment or barriers other than the well-being of the children who care so much about them. They are able to achieve great things for the good of the children, but also of the community in general.
Apprendre autrement - A-Autrement
Apprendre autrement - A-Autrement
  • Apprendre autrement is an educational resource for finding new ideas, a tool for thinking and sharing information. A place where you can learn from country to country, from school to school. We are not here to invent a new program or create a new pedagogy. But to promote education at large. And we will do it in any way possible.

We are convinced that each human being is intelligent in his own way and that he has his own way of learning. Well surrounded and encouraged, by having the chance and the freedom to discover and grow, each person can accomplish great things. This applies to children but also to education specialists who should have the chance to explore, experiment and think outside the box to allow children to reach heights they never dreamed of. We will not be the ones to defend these points before the government. It is not our mandate and we do not have the credibility or the resources. Our mandate is one of information and inspiration. We want to help give educators, but also parents and everyone interested in the issue, tools and arguments for the change we all want!

That’s it Apprendre autrement !