Nounoucorne: an unusual painting technique!

Hello friends!

When I went to the Sahara Desert, I had the chance to meet a painter and a little magician! His name is Rachid and he lives in Aït Ben Haddou, the village that I presented to you on Instagram last Friday. Rachid paints beautiful canvases from his village using only three ingredients and heat. He paints yellow using saffron, a spice that comes from a flower and is very precious. Blue, is made with indigo, which is made from the leaf of a plant. And finally, for the brown, he uses very sweet Moroccan tea. And that’s where it gets magic. A long time ago, Moroccans used tea to write secret messages. Because when it dries, it disappears completely from the paper. It must then be cooked or heated with a candle to make it appear. This is what Rachid does in the second photo. And on the first, you see me with the canvas that Rachid made me. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? So when Rachid paints, there is always a part of his canvas that only he knows and when he finishes, he makes it appear before you as if by magic! I liked it so much that I wanted to do like him using the spices I have at home. As a magic ingredient I decided to use lemon because, like tea, it appears when it is heated. Are you tempted to try it too? So come with me! I’ll show you how!

To make your work, it will take you:

  • fairly thick paper like watercolor paint paper for example
  • a brush
  • spices of your choice. Dig through your pantry at home, I’m sure you’ll find everything you need there. I took hot chili powder (red), cinnamon (brown) and curry (yellow)
    a lemon (you can also take lemon juice if you don’t have a fresh lemon)
  • bowls to put your spices
  • a spoon to mix
  • a knife and a board if you take a fresh lemon
  • a little water
  • a candle
  • matches or a lighter (and especially the help of an adult for this step!)

To start, slice the lemon in half or pour a little lemon juice in a small bowl. You can ask the help of an adult for this step!

To make your colors, in a bowl, mix a teaspoon of spice of your choice with two teaspoons of water and mix well. You can add a little more water if your dough is too thick.

Now take your paper and your brush, and create your work. To use the lemon, you just have to pass your brush over it, then apply it wherever you want on your sheet. Do not forget that everything you draw with lemon juice will not appear right away, and that you should not put spices on it because otherwise, when you are going to heat your canvas, you will not see what you drew with the lemon.

Once you’ve finished your painting, it’s time for magic. With the help of an adult, light your candle. Then pass your paper over the flame to reveal your drawing in lemon juice. Be careful not to go too close to the flame so as not to burn your paper. You can also ask someone bigger to help you with this step!

And that’s the job! It gives a great result, don’t you think? When you have tried it, send me a photo ok? I would love to see your work!

See you soon,

Your friend Nounoucorne xxx

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